Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Find It Hard To Find My Hardings

My Great Grandmother, Frances Marion WILLIAMS was born in New Jersey to a David Otis WILLIAMS and Louise HARDING in 1914. Her brother, also David Otis WILLIAMS was born one year earlier.  They also had a sister, Mildred, who died as an infant.  I am unsure of her birth date.

At some point, Frances and her brother (also David. O. WILLIAMS) were adopted by a KNOWLTON family in Owl's Head, ME, a small fishing community in what we call the mid coast region of the Maine.

I know a lot more information than some folks researching adopted ancestor because I have a letter from Louise to my Great Grandmother written around 1930 explaining much of the details surrounding Frances' early life (where she was born, baptised, etc...)

I have been searching for years to find David O. Williams and Louise Harding online but have had no real luck.  I think I may have found them (thanks to a friend who did a few hours of research for me and had MUCH more luck than I - or far more skill), but now I need to gather all my circumstantial evidence in one place and see if it really all adds up.  And if so, what records can I find in New Jersey to nail this all together as "fact?"

Where to begin...

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